Wishlists and Product sources


The Wishlist is already up and running. It is a way to bookmark something for purchase later on. We are however rolling out features that will make your wishlist so much more than that. Here is a sneak preview of things to come over the next month.

  • Multi wishlists – create a wishlist for various events like Christmas, birthday – create, delete, rename and set privacy settings.
  • Share your list with friends & move products between lists & follow other people’s wishlists.
  • Search and see other people’s wishlist while on hartgoods!

Where do the products come from on hartgoods

There are several sources of products, and the way you purchase them on hartgoods varies accordingly. First…

  • We make our own. Like the Foodsynergy Book. Or the innovative Visualisation and analysis of your Water. Or the organic legume seeds cultivated over the years. And more to come.
  • We collaborate with carefully chosen partners and promote one or more of their products. You order from us and often they ship the product directly to you. We, however, maintain full responsibility.
  • We have affiliate partners like the Australian online bookstore’s Fishpond or Booktopia. We spend hours finding remarkable products and then present them in detail. You then follow the link and purchase directly from their online store. We get a VERY small commission that helps fund our work.

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