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Hartgoods officially opened on the 6th March 2017

Air Purifiers and Filters

InovaAir AirClean E8 and E20 Air Purifiers with HEPA filter and final stage Activated Carbon filter

Water Purifiers and Filters

Shower Filter

Sprite™ chlorine-removing fast-throughput super-strong steel Shower Filter

Water Purifiers and Filters

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Australian Made Countertop Portable Water Filter System

Water Purifiers and Filters


SpringFlow™ Stainless Steel Water Distiller and Filter with Glass or Plastic Jug

Water Purifiers and Filters

Gravity Fed

Southern Cross Pottery Australian made and owned since 1987

Gravity Fed, Visually Pleasing, Stoneware Water Filters with remarkable water contaminant removal capabilities.

The Complete 10 Litre Ultra Slim Range of Southern Cross Pottery Water Filters and Purifiers

The Complete 12 Litre Large Range of Southern Cross Pottery Water Purifiers and Filters

The remarkable Southern Cross Pottery – SCP Fluoride Plus™ Water Filter Cartridge

Hartgood Seeds - open pollinated, non GMO

Grow your own amazing legumes and fresh beans

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Hartgoods officially opened on the 6th March 2017