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To make buying textbooks online even simpler, we created the Textbook Search tool for you.

You enter your institution / campus, semester and course, and it will show you what books you will need for your course with some awesome bonus tips on resources that can help you get better grades and easier understand the material. These Recommended products, are compiled by the lecturers and our Academic Professionals, to help you succeed.

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Co-op Bookstore – Find your textbook



You can also browse textbooks and higher education resources by category, if you want to see a broader selection of higher education materials used across the country and not just in your course.

This is a great way to get as much knowledge about the subject as possible, or for Self Study Students, that want to grow their knowledge in a specific field without enrolling in a University.

If you read all the books required in an MBA, Do you then have an MBA ? – No, but it can most certainly help you gain enough knowledge to get a step ahead in your career and impress your coworkers and manager.



Buy and download etextbooks from the website. No confusing links or redirecting you to other platforms unless it’s actually a special portal for learning, and the content is interactive. To find your etextbook use the textbook search or the normal search to find the title you need, and select the etextbook version if it’s available on the product page. We have a broad selection of digital textbooks in several ebook formats. Interactive learning with quizzes, ePub for reading in any ebook reader, or account logins, to portals you institution might have chosen to work with.



Used Textbooks is available on a large selection of textbooks. In Fact we have Australia’s largest textbook buyback program, ensuring there is a second hand textbook for almost every popular title used in majority of courses. – To make it easy, we show them on the product pages, so you just need to search for the book you want, and then you can select the second hand book for further savings. – Pre-Loved for the win!



We have gone to great extends, to buy in the largest volumes possible, so we can get the best buying price, and offer the cheapest textbooks possible. The addition of eTextbooks and Secondhand textbooks, is another great effort we focus on to provide alternative and cheaper options.



Not only do you get awesome prices and several ways of buying cheap textbooks, but we also offer a textbook exchange and buyback program, where we buy majority of popular titles back when you are done with them. You get up to 30% of your paying price back when you turn it in at one of our 60 stores – Co-op Members get an addition 15% extra back. how’s that for keeping it affordable to be a student?



The Co-op is Australia’s largest Member Owned Textbook and Higher Education Retailer.

Founded by 2 disruptive UTS Students in 1958, to create the largest student resource buying house in the country.


The Idea was simple;

Create a membership based retail, where all members get the benefit of the best possible prices on textbooks due to bulk order discounts.

“The more members we are, the larger volume of textbooks and higher education resources and materials we can buy and the bigger discounts we can all get”

That’s how the journey started, and that’s still the fight we are in together. All 2 Million of us.

We have spent the last 60 Years perfecting this idea, and today we have close relationships with all universities and institutions, and get information about your courses, faculties, enrollment numbers and what materials you will need to graduate, directly from your lecturer and university.

This ensures we have the titles you will need, and the correct amount for your entire class before your study starts.