Two Colour Inspiration Project-Image 35


Image Colours: Pink and Violet

These abstract art images are created by hartgoods founder, Hartmut Michael Gunther. This image is part of a series of 106 images that uses only one or two colours to display the final form. The entire project required about 10 months to complete and in 2008 the images were licensed to Aura-Soma Products Ltd as part of a set of 106 “Inspiration Cards” that contained inspiring affirmations on the back.

Many thanks to Mike Booth and Deborah Husbands for the initial impetus and encouragement.

These cards are no longer produced, so it is time to release these images for a wider creative audience to use. See examples below and as mentioned, an entire single artwork piece is created from either one or two colours only. This makes integrating them into a project very comfortable.

Use the TAGS below to see images of similar colour.

Prices are lower than other comparable quality 1600px images and are only $1.50 per image.

May these images inspire great works and stories. See more details and examples below.

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See examples
  How these images look at large sizes.
Inspiration stimulated.