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Hartgoods founder, Hartmut günther, is a practicing Nutrition Medicine Clinician at 214 Beardy Street, Armidale. See more about Hartmut’s Foodsynergy, Toxno and Toxtest projects and his qualifications on our about page and Foodsynergy.

As part of the Student O’Week kickstart to a successful year, Hartmut is offering a greatly reduced price to students for his highly acclaimed consultations because he realises money can be an impediment to high-quality integrated health care. Normally consults are $95/hr but to help students be the metabolically best they can be, Hartmut is offering consults for $59 for 1 whole hour.

Looking at ways to further reduce costs for students while at the same time increasing valuable learning during the consultations, Hartmut is providing a group follow-up session for 2-4 students. Cost of this is $80/hr and all students share in this cost, greatly reducing individual outlay. Hartmut often works with groups and finds this dynamic can greatly increase individual learning and outcomes.

Further, Hartmut shares clients and communication with Doctors and other medical professionals in Armidale. As an innovation (although this should really be the norm), special group consults are conducted at Integral Health Medical practice, where the doctor, the client and Hartmut (and sometimes a specialist like an endocrinologist attending via skype from Sydney) all collaborate to bring the best possible outcome for the client.

Hartmut recently co-presented with Dr Vicky Howell to 40 medical registrars about Integrated Medicine. The young doctors were extremely enthusiastic in finding more about how Nutrition can form an integrated part of standard medical practice.

Optimal nutrition is vital for building new neural pathways, effective detoxification, a vigilant but not overactive immune function, optimal cognition and consistent energy levels.

See more below and this consult is part of our Student Infusion O’Week package. Clients will need a current student ID to take up this offer.

Hartmut will be on the Nutrition Medicine booth on LifeSaver Day at UNE on Tuesday 14th February and available to groups of students later in O’Week and all of March. Students will, however, need to get together and contact him and maybe offer to buy him a cup of coffee. Friday morning works best for Hartmut.

Hartmut’s Contact details
Suite 3, 214 Beardy Street, Armidale, 2350, NSW, Australia
FAX: (61) 2 6526 2123
PH: (61) 4 39 54 7788

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What Clients Say 

It was a throwaway comment I made during the history assessment that was picked up by  Hartmut. I went from total lethargy, severe cognition problems and about to loose my job to almost complete recovery in 1 month. I was unknowingly being poisoned by lead (hair dye)

Male Teacher, NSW

Benefits of an Integrated Nutrition Medicine approach

  • You feel better, more energy, clearer head, and fewer health complications.
  • Better overall health outcomes due to holistic and integrated approach.
  • Empowerment as a result of education, time is taken to really listen and collaboration between yourself, your doctor and myself.
  • Feeling assisted and supported.
  • Investigation of any possible side effects and nutrient depletions of any prescribed medications.
  • Helps you organize, collate and consolidate previous blood tests in addition to recommending relevant additional tests for your GP and in so doing save time and reduce costs by avoiding repetition of expensive tests
  • Translation and making understandable any health-related information you have read, heard or are interested in. This approach really blooms during any group sessions.
  • Maximization of digestion and absorption of food and nutrients
  • Feeling better due to toxin exposure minimization.
  • Help in building antioxidant reserves in the body via the intake of natural fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds and plant-based phytonutrients in addition to judicious therapeutic supplementation
  • Help in developing solid understanding of important food preparation principles, especially for whole grains and legumes
  • Help in establishing clear guidelines and balance for protein, carbohydrate, fat and alcohol intake
  • Open identification and exploration of addictive tendencies, stress and self-defeating behaviors detrimental to health, empowerment, autonomy and well-being
  • Design and education around an appropriate exercise regime with a focus on building cardiovascular fitness, maintaining muscle mass, bone density, mental acuity, and enjoyment.

What Clients Say 

Hartmut took me through a detailed assessment process which involved not only a thorough medical but detailed family and personal history along with dietary history too. During the process Hartmut took the time and energy to carefully explain in layman’s terms the ‘science’ behind what had been happening and gave me the right information and guidance to address it. Six months on from that process I am feeling an energy and vitality that had been smothered for such a long time.

Kathy B, 36 Bilambil Heights, NSW 0405 189910