Hartgood Seeds – Kenearly-Yellow-Eye


Lovingly grown with multiferous, exuberant worms in Armidale since 2012 without any artificial fertilisers or pesticides. Untreated, Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid & Open Pollinated

Number of Seeds: 40 at least
Fast Growing and Resilient
Bush variety, Generous in Crop Size

If you live in Armidale, NSW, Australia, you can pick these seeds up directly from Jodie's FOOD SHED and save on the freight. Just near Altitude coffee roastery and Café

The dried bean is excellent for home made gourmet baked beans and heart warming soups. In general seeds should be sown directly in the soil at a depth of about three times their width. Bush types should be spaced about a finger’s length apart, in rows wide enough to allow easy access to the plants. Over watering seeds prior to germination may cause them to rot, so be sure to keep them moderately moist, never wet. Delicious when eaten yound and fresh.

Thanks to Johnny's Selected Seeds in the USA and the Learn2Grow website for information about this seed variety.

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Some of the seeds we produce.

That’s a Kenearly Yellow Eye seed with the green arrows pointing.
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Our garden security systems and cover crops during the winter

Temperature is now right to plant bean seeds directly into the ground.

The blue tongue lizard on a bug hunt in the garden.

Even more protection from unwanted pests with Mantis Security Services

Natural Pest Control

A powerful bee attractor and cover crop – buckwheat – even saved some of those amazing tetrahedral seeds for next year.


Winter chia seed also attracted lots of bees with these beautiful violet flowers.

Chia seed plant

So now summer is on the door step and it’s late october in Armidale and we are waiting for an optimal soil temperature of around 18C to plant the bean seeds.

Soil temperature of 18C is ideal for planting bean seed directly into the soil