The Two Colour Inspiration Project

High Resolution Image Examples

The Two Colour Inspiration Project

High Resolution Image Examples

All images come at 1600px high resolution but can be used at smaller sizes or stretched to larger sizes to suit your project.

This is image #10 in the series and uses only green. Light and tones are drawn upon to give form. It is shown here as at 800px.

Many images avail themselves to being rotated into a portrait aspect –
giving you greater flexibility within your project.

All images are copyright but come with a license that lets you use them however you please. A stipulation is that you don’t onsell the images (see our Terms for clarification of what this means). If however, you would like to onsell the images, please contact us. We’re quite friendly.

All images are suitable for backgrounds or as stand-alone statements.

They look great on blog post headers, Facebook instant article images or in an Apple News long-form story.

Image #27 in the series and uses only red and green. Below is the image at 1600px .

Larger sized images definitely lend themselves to printing/publishing projects like books or eBooks.

They look great when you want to flood the whole (computer) window with colour like below.

This is image #26 in the series and uses only orange. Below is the image at 1600px but stretched to fill the screen. Still looks great.

Application of high-quality images is boundless.
Tell a story with a slider (example from our Toxno site using impressionist paintings for an otherwise depressing dialogue).
Place a text overlay and capture audience attention. Intersperse colour judiciously into a text-heavy dialogue.