• Security and Money collection via ecommerce


    At hartgoods, we take security very seriously, especially as this site facilitates online transactions. We have an SSL Certificate that converts your data into virtually impenetrable code using data encryption up to 256 bits.

    These certificates also use the most secure encryption available and support both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms. The security of this site and your data is our number one priority. The SSL Certificate will secure your data on this website and your browser while you are here, so all information you enter on any secured page is protected.

    “SSL is an acronym for “Secure Sockets Layer”, a kind of encryption technology that secures the communication between a website’s server and an online user’s web browser. This way, your confidential data while temporarily on our site will be protected from eavesdropping, forgery, and tampering.”

    Sites that use SSL certificates are distinguished by the presence of a padlock icon in the address bar. They may also be indicated by a green address bar and the protocol prefix “https” in the site’s URL in the address bar.

    Collecting money

    We DO NOT store your credit card details or PayPal details on this site ANYWHERE, EVER. You only ever enter those details when you make a purchase on our secure payment form and the details are immediately passed to the payment gateway (PayPal or Stripe) once you hit the purchase button. PayPal and Stripe are both industry standard highly respected secure and highly rated payment gateways used by millions around the globe.

    Our commerce software system in conjunction with Stripe is able to use the more secure new industry standard tokenised system to store basic account information without storing actual credit card numbers. This way when you return to purchase again, a token (which is a nonsensical string of characters and maintained by the payment gateway) can be used to “remember you”. Most online stores are now using this system and all major credit card companies are insisting upon it as it is much more secure than previous methods. To reiterate – NO credit card numbers are stored on our system.

    You can’t be authorised to sell online, especially in Australia, unless you have an impeccable track record, have a registered legal business name and address, have an ABN (Australian Business Number) and TFN (Tax File Number) and you own the domain name and the secure hosted website. Owner Hartmut Michael Günther ticks all these boxes. See more details.

  • Images as backgrounds or stand-alone projects

    Images are suitable for backgrounds or as stand-alone statements.

    They look great on blog post headers, Facebook instant article images or in an Apple News long-form story.

    Larger sized images definitely lend themselves to printing/publishing projects like books or eBooks.

    They look great when you want to flood the whole (computer) window with colour like below.

    See image #26 in the Aurasoma series and notice it uses the colour orange only. This works well if trying to integrate an image into an existing story colour scheme. This is a 3000px version.

    Application of these images is boundless. Tell a story with a slider.
    Place a text overlay and capture audience attention. Intersperse colour judiciously into a text-heavy dialogue.

  • Wishlists and Product sources


    The Wishlist is already up and running. It is a way to bookmark something for purchase later on. We are however rolling out features that will make your wishlist so much more than that. Here is a sneak preview of things to come over the next month.

    • Multi wishlists – create a wishlist for various events like Christmas, birthday – create, delete, rename and set privacy settings.
    • Share your list with friends & move products between lists & follow other people’s wishlists.
    • Search and see other people’s wishlist while on hartgoods!

    Where do the products come from on hartgoods

    There are several sources of products, and the way you purchase them on hartgoods varies accordingly. First…

    • We make our own. Like the Foodsynergy Book. Or the innovative Visualisation and analysis of your Water. Or the organic legume seeds cultivated over the years. And more to come.
    • We collaborate with carefully chosen partners and promote one or more of their products. You order from us and often they ship the product directly to you. We, however, maintain full responsibility.
    • We have affiliate partners like the Australian online bookstore’s Fishpond or Booktopia. We spend hours finding remarkable products and then present them in detail. You then follow the link and purchase directly from their online store. We get a VERY small commission that helps fund our work.
  • Hartgoods images come in three sizes

    Images come in three sizes- 800px, 1600px and 3000px.

    Examples are available here to help you choose

    This is image #10 in the series and uses only green. Light and tones are drawn upon to give form. It is shown here as an 800px image.

    This is the actual full size this image would appear on your web page. Many images avail themselves to being rotated into a portrait aspect –
    giving you greater flexibility within your project.

    All images are copyright but come with a license that lets you use them however you please.
    The only stipulation is that you don’t onsell the images (see our Terms for clarification of what this means).  If however, you would like to onsell the images please contact us.

  • Images now available for sale from Hartgoods

    Abstract art images created by hartgoods founder, Hartmut Michael Günther are now available. This image is part of a series of 106 images that uses only one or two colours to display the final form. The entire project required about 10 months to complete and in 2008 the images were licensed to Aura-Soma Products Ltd  as part of a set of 106 “Inspiration Cards” that contained inspiring affirmations on the back.

    Many thanks to Mike Booth and Deborah Husbands for the initial impetus and encouragement.

    These cards are no longer produced, so it is time to release these images for a wider creative audience to use. They come in three sizes, 800px, 1600px and 3000px. See examples below and as mentioned, an entire single artwork piece is created from either one or two colours only. This makes integrating them into a project very comfortable.

    Choose which size suits your project. Prices are lower than other comparable quality images and range from $0.95 -$2.00 per image dependant on size.  Note that for a few pieces, larger sizes are unavailable.

    May these images inspire great works and stories. See more details here.