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Inspired by NASA's attention to water care on the International Space Station (ISS)
and Nature's water conservation, purification, recycling and storage

Image Credit: Self portrait of Tracy Caldwell Dyson in the Cupola module of the International Space Station observing the Earth below during Expedition 24.

In a Nutshell...

We have identified three stand out water filtering technologies and styles that substantially reduce and often completely remove chemicals of health and taste concern in drinking water
Gravity Fed | Distillation | Reverse Osmosis
All three water purification technologies are affordable, extremely long lasting, don’t require a plumber and are portable
Our goal is to find and make available technologies that emulate NASA's goal of filtering and conserving 98% of the water they use on the International Space Station
We have researched the evidence, tested these filters (through our sister site Toxtest ) and evaluated their functionality and ease of use in home environments
Established in 2017 by Toxtest and Toxno founder, Hartmut Günther, Hartgoods is a supremely secure online-store, with 10% of profits from water testing and water filter sales donated in support of Australian drought, bushfires, floods, cyclones and international disasters. See Helping Others for details
We have also evaluated niche custom water filtration solutions like chlorine removing shower/bath filters

Australian made and assembled from highest quality Australian, UK and USA components.
Fully Tested according to Australian Drinking Water Standards.
Water Purifiers & Filters with Full Details

Why Filter Town Drinking Water?

Drinking Water is meant to Taste Great and Support Health. In our article, Drinking Water Quality: Rationale for Water Testing and Water Filters in Australia on our sister site Toxno, we unfold indications of urgency for home water filters shown here by focusing on Drinking Water Sources and Drinking Water Contaminants.

Drinking Water Sources

As the main Drinking Water Source for many people in Australia we focus first on Town Water. We will also investigate drinking water quality and associated health effects from other sources -
  • Tank Water
  • Ground water, Bore water, Spring Water or Well water
  • Surface Water, Dam, River or Creek Water
  • Desalinated Water and Recycled Water
  • Plus - Filtered Water, Recycled Water, Bottled Water, Zippy Wall mounted dispenser, Water Coolers, Public Water fountains and Carted Water and the integrated contribution from  home plumbing and faucets see more...
See Part 1 of this series that focuses on issues with Town Water.

Water pollution is a major global problem which requires ongoing evaluation and revision of water resource policy at all levels. It has been suggested that water pollution is the leading worldwide cause of deaths and diseases and that it accounts for the deaths of more than 14,000 people daily

Ref: Environmental Pollution by Heavy Metal: An Overview, 2019

Support Details

Owner: Hartmut Michael Günther
Support from OS: (+61) 4 39 54 7788
Support in OZ: 0439 54 7788
Business Name: Hartgoods
Australia ABN: 58 845 464 564
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Armidale, 2350, NSW, Australia
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Feature Comparison
Gravity Fed, Distillation and Reverse Osmosis
Water Filtration Technologies
All three technologies are comparatively priced at $300-$400 and are a lifetime investment.
Common features include - the water tastes and feels exceptional, most popular in Australia, extensive Australian support, highest quality components from Australia, USA and UK, no plumber required, portable, very low annual filter replacements costs, latest state-of-the-art technologies used to extract maximum impurities.

All three technologies remove fluoride and chlorine plus much much more. These technologies do not pass the filtered water through established home plumbing - thus avoiding potentially corrosive and pH induced change in older whole-house plumbing and faucets
Toxtest and Hartgoods owner, Hartmut Günther has raised 3 children for the last 30 years using the Gravity fed urn at home and more recently camping. Since 2019 he also uses Reverse Osmosis and Distilled water at home/work at different times, locations and applications using the Filters shown here.
Importantly, the technologies and filters shown here should not be compared to in-built fridge filters, water coolers, jug filters, some mineralising/alkalising filters and even bought bottled water. In-built fridge filters, water coolers and jug filters will not remove contaminants like Arsenic as mentioned in "Why Filter Drinking Water?" above.
All Units, come with Free Shipping and an extra $20 discount if you have used our Toxtest Water Testing Services.
Gravity Fed Ceramic Urn
Includes SCP Fluoride removal Filter

Gravity Fed

  • Comes with Fluoride Plus™ Water Filter Cartridge Cartridge Made in UK Cartridge made from the highest quality NSF certified (ANSI 61) components.
  • Removes Fluoride Fluoride in Town Water is controversial. If uncertain see our article - Fluoride continues to poison our children and rob them of IQ on Toxno for both sides of the story.
  • Portable Easy to move Can be moved from room to room easily if needed. No Plumber required.
  • Removes many contaminants from Water See details below Includes outer ceramic and inner granular coconut shell based activated carbon Filter.
  • Has been available in Australia for decades Very Popular Great Tasting water. Allows beverages made with this water to taste delicious.
  • Fill and Forget Urn holds up to 12 litres of water Makes about 1 litre of water per hour.
  • Distinguishing Features

  • No Power needed Force of Gravity does the work.
  • No Main Water pressure needed Force of Gravity does the heavy lifting.
  • Aesthetically pleasing We have over 30 different colours and styles to choose from.
  • Lasts a lifetime Made in Australia from ceramic and stainless steel by craftsman from Southern Cross Pottery.
  • Leaves minerals like Magnesium and Calcium in the Filtered Water Can contribute to intake of these minerals
Gravity Fed
See Unit Details Here
Distillation Ultra Pure Water
Includes Activated Carbon Post Filter


  • Switches off Automatically No plumbing required. Easy to operate, automatic and compact - just fill, plug in and come back later.
  • Stainless steel and Glass Design Quality Components.
  • Portable and Light Ideal for Everyone Can be moved from room to room easily if needed.
  • The Ultimate Contaminant Free Water 100% contaminant removal Includes Activated Carbon Post Filter to capture any final Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Most popular Water Distiller in Australia Affordable Water has an Exquisite Taste.
  • Set and Forget 4 Litres of water per distillation cycle Makes About 1 litre of water per hour.
  • Distinguishing Features

  • Requires Power Water is boiled and Condensed.
  • Purist Water Available Suitable for all including those with complex medical conditions. 100% complete removal of Aluminium Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Bacteria, Chlorine, Cryptosporidium, Fluoride, Giardia, Hardness, Nitrate, Organics, Pesticides & Herbicides, Phosphates, Sediment, Sulphates, Sodium, Bad Taste & Odour, Viruses and much much more
See Unit Details Here
Reverse Osmosis
Includes Four inline Filters

Reverse Osmosis

  • Easy Setup No plumbing required Simply connect to kitchen, laundry or bathroom tap/aerator.
  • Five Year Warranty Quality local, UK and USA components Hand built & factory tested in Australia.
  • Convenient Portable Design Ideal for renters Can be moved from room to room easily if needed.
  • Contaminant Free Water Exceptionally Healthy Uses proprietary 4 stage inline filtration that gives water a crisp, clean and satisfying taste.
  • Adaptable Interchange Filters Can be adapted to dental surgery or medical conditions with optional Ion-exchange filter.
  • Doesn't need electricity No Power Required Saves money.
  • Efficient Fastest Filter Technology Makes about 10 litres water per hour.
  • Distinguishing Features

  • Requires water pressure Either from Town Water Supply or Pump.
  • Some water is discarded Can be issue during drought, although volume of clean reverse osmosis water made for drinking and cooking for a 2 member household is only about 10-30 litres per week and is not significant when compared to whole house water usage. Discarded water can be used for cleaning or garden.
Reverse Osmosis
See Unit Details Here

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